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Are You Buying or Refinancing Your Home?

We need a few things from you to get you to the closing table!  Complete the E-Form below to help us get the necessary information to make your closing quick and easy. 

Information Form for Purchaser/Borrower

Purchaser / Borrower #1
Purchaser / Borrower #2
Enter the Address of the Property Your are Buying or Refinancing:
Enter Mailing Address if different than the address you provided above. This is the address we will send your deeds and where you will receive tax notices.

Enter address here only if your mailing address is different than the property address above. You do not have to enter the same address twice.

Notice and Consent to Participate in Consummation:

I/We hereby acknowledge that to complete the transaction contemplated by the Purchase and Sale Agreement concerning the above property, ________________ concerning the property, I/We will be required to attend a closing or “Consummation”. I/We hereby acknowledge and understand that the Consummation will include the discussion and disclosure of information contained in the Closing Disclosure Form (CD), as well as certain other information and material considered to be “non-public information,” which is prohibited by law from disclosure. Despite the likelihood of discussion and disclosure of my/our “non-public information” at Consummation, I/we hereby request that our real estate agent attend Consummation and I/we consent to the discussion and disclosure of my “non-public information” at Consummation in the presence of my/our real estate agent. I/We further acknowledge, agree and consent to my/our real estate agent being present at the Consummation where the discussion and disclosure of my/our “non-public information” may occur. I/We further acknowledge and understand that the Consummation may include discussion and disclosure of such “non-public information” as may be contained in my/our Loan Estimate, Closing Disclosure (including and any revisions thereof), together with any other information in any way related to my/our loan, loan documents and/or personal information utilized by my/our lender in connection with my/our loan application and despite this disclosure and discussion, hereby consent to my realtor being present.

Will you be present for closing?
Fill out this section ONLY if this is a refinance of an existing mortgage:

I / We hereby authorize my/our mortgage payoff to be transmitted via facsimile to Darley Law Firm (478) 219 - 7330 (fax)

Thank you for your submission.

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