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Business Attorney Service in Warner Robins

LLC Formation & Operating Agreements

Many entrepreneurs are aware they may need an LLC, but are unsure of how to navigate through the different steps necessary.  We provide a streamlined service in which we complete all the necessary formation steps on your behalf as well as offer the optional service of being your new companies Registered Agent to establish further legitimate authenticity in the professional nature of your organization. 

No matter the type of service your business provides, it will inevitably require contracts and operating agreements of some sort whether it be a speciality designed invoice for your clients or an agreement between employees. Our professionally trained staff can create the records and documents you need such as: Bill of Sale, Rental Agreements, Property Leases, Affidavits, Letters of Cancellation, etc. 

LLC Formation

Corporation Formation & Bylaws

Corporate bylaws are an important legal document that serve as the operating manual for a corporation. They are a set of detailed rules adopted by the board of directors after the company has been incorporated.  Corporate bylaws are important to have in place because they specify the internal management structure and how the company will run.  While your bylaws do not need to be filed with any government entity, it is important to note that your corporation cannot legally exists until its board of directors has formally adopted the bylaws. 

At the Darley Law Firm, we will help you navigate corporation formation and composing bylaws that fit your needs. 

Corpoation Formation & Bylaws

Corporate Resolutions

Corporate resolutions are written legal documents created by a company's board of directors often in the form of board meeting minutes, although its structure and form can vary. Corporate resolutions provide a written framework as to how a board of directors can act under various circumstances and details any corporate action.  These are important because they provide a paper trail of decisions made by the board and executive management team. Common corporate resolutions include the following:

  • Officers that are authorized to act on behalf o the corporation

  • Real estate acquisition

  • Procedures for applying for loans or issuance of debt to raise capital such as corporate bonds

  • How to add board members

  • Executive management team changes

  • Compensation for executive management including salaries, bonuses, etc. 

  • Changes to health benefit plans

  • Procedures for purchasing major assets

  • Mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures or strategic partnership agreements

Once the board of directors votes and approves the action item, the corporate resolution will serve as official documentation of the new procedure or policy. ​

Corporate Resolutions
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